We have distinguished ourselves from other treatment centers by creating programs that are designed for individuals in an environment that is unique because of its attention to detail, starting with you. Ours is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment centers in the nation. 1-on-1 Coaching is a natural extension of our mission and philosophy to treat, “Individual problems in individual ways”.

Working directly with a coach who can help inspire positive change, assist with transitions, ignite enthusiasm, and set life goals by identifying your interests is just a sampling of what 1-on-1 coaching provides. It is a great fit for people who are ready to be guided toward a rewarding future where they can excel and meet their potential. 1-on-1 coaching is action-oriented and focuses on improving current life situations as well as helping to clear a path toward achievable goals.

We Offer a Different Approach to Treatment

The 1 Method Center Difference

Our philosophy that “Individual problems need to be treated in individual ways” is the guiding force and principle of everything we do, say, teach, share, believe in and create. From our evidence-based services and therapies, holistic treatments, specialized health and fitness program to the tiniest details of personalizing your wellness plan, your well-being and autonomy is our priority. We customize treatment with tailor-made programs to fit you and your needs so that you can achieve your potential without being herded through endless hours of group therapy.

At 1 Method, we treat you like you are one in a million because you are. Hundreds of clients have benefited from our programs and thrive today because we saw them as individuals who needed individualized attention and care when they could barely recognize themselves in the mirror of despair. We care about your outcome because we take the time to care about you and your needs from the moment you become a part of the 1 Method family. That moment begins today.


Customized therapies that target your specific clinical needs. Experience treatment designed with only you in mind.



Integrative care demonstrates the best treatment outcomes and is the only model endorsed by both NIDA and ASAM.



Our sophisticated, 1-on-1 integrated clinical model is reinforced by a specialized, science-based health and fitness program.



Located in the heart of West LA on Westwood Blvd., near the 10 and 405 FWY, Outpatient is just blocks from UCLA.