Getting in touch with admissions is easy.

Please use our 800 number for admissions questions only.

All other callers, please review the following options:

Fax: 1-310-861-1423

Alumni Crisis: 1-800-486-0802

Family Crisis: 1-800-270-1389

BALM Program: 1-888-998-2256

Nursing: 1-424-443-8544 x 2002

Therapists: 1-310-837-7330 opt. 0

Case Managers: 1-424-214-2778 opt. 0

Compliance: 1-424-214-2784

HR: 1-310-837-7330 x 1000

Insurance Claims: 1-424-266-7715

Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-8255

Free Treatment: 1-800-662-4357

Dial-by-Name: 1-310-837-7330 opt. 3

Dr. Brooke Gilbertsen: 1-424-214-2783

Joshua Dunne: 1-424-325-8035

Nicholas Tandberg, CADC II: 1-424-443-8560

Cassidy Cousens: 1-424-217-2791

Mike Endes, LMFT: 1-424-214-2786

Dr. Abe Malkin: 1-323-333-9634

Ashely Johnson, LVN: 1-424-443-8544 x2002

Dr. Jonathan Reitman: 1-310-663-8561

Rodney Collins, Psychiatrist: 1-323-291-7882

David Wiss, Nutritionist: 1-310-403-1874

Shelby Bulbitz, Nutritionist: 1-805-405-3940

Peter Ishkans, Meditation: 1-310-274-2706

Jeff Friedman, Chiropractor: 1-818-601-2701

Stabilization: 1-424-226-1610

Primary: 1-424-214-2787

Continuing: 1-424-284-2404

Extended: 1-424-214-2789

Independent: 1-424-214-2778

Outpatient: 1-310-837-7330 opt. 0

Returning Calls

Sometimes, the smallest things have the biggest impact. We understand that getting a prompt return phone call is a big deal. We always strive to return calls quickly. Occasionally, due to the nature of our work, we can’t get back to you as fast as we would like to – or at all. The latter usually means we don’t have a current consent to release information for you. Other times, it may be that a situation is demanding our full clinical attention and we’re running behind schedule. Our goal is to return all calls within 24 hours. You are very important to us. If we are delayed in getting back to you – please accept our sincere apology in advance.

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This isn’t a call center. You will speak with a licensed counselor from 1 Method. To begin a consultation, call 1-800-270-1389.