No two days are alike any more than any two people are the same. It’s crucial that you have the type of program that best fits your specific needs. “Individual problems need to be treated in individual ways,” is our philosophy and we know that different program options are just as important a component to treatment as treating individuals on a 1-on-1, individual basis.

Day Treatment is a nonresidential program that benefits clients who have completed residential treatment or are not in need of the intensity of a residential program. It focuses on mental, physical and spiritual well-being and helps create balance while you navigate life as a recovering individual. Life-skills, healthy relationships, family systems, and other self-improvement tools are part of a broader curriculum of services offered that include counseling, therapy, and psychiatry. This full landscape of resources in an accessible toolbox of daily treatment helps you learn, function and thrive as you apply these skills and grow stronger each day.

We Offer a Different Approach to Treatment

The 1 Method Center Difference

When treatment is tailored to your personal needs, you can expect superior results. Our philosophy has always been, “individual problems need to be treated in individual ways”. For more than two decades, this approach has helped make each individual success story a part of our collective success story that writes itself. At 1 Method we pride ourselves on understanding that customized care and a tailor-made treatment program rooted in evidence-based services with a 1-on-1 focus can yield life-changing results.

Our three-fold approach includes our specialized Health and Fitness Program and holistic treatments that help to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. While other programs often resort to herding you through group therapy as a primary source of treatment, 1 Method focuses on each and every client individually, so that each can achieve their greatest potential physically, mentally and spiritually in a beautifully tranquil environment that promotes healing from within on the cellular level.


Customized therapies that target your specific clinical needs. Experience treatment designed with only you in mind.



Integrative care demonstrates the best treatment outcomes and is the only model endorsed by both NIDA and ASAM.



Our sophisticated, 1-on-1 integrated clinical model is reinforced by a specialized, science-based health and fitness program.



Located in the heart of West LA on Westwood Blvd., near the 10 and 405 FWY, Outpatient is just blocks from UCLA.