The moment you come to 1 Method, you’ll quickly realize that nothing about our program resembles a hospital-style rehab. From the start, we focus on your individuality so that your ability to live independently, free from substance misuse is a natural transition rather than one that is staged. Our Sober Living program is different from other treatment centers because we create an environment that is designed for success – for you.

Sober Living is an independent, residence-based experience that helps you become comfortable with logistics and conquer some of life’s daily challenges as you transition into the reality of your sobriety. A moderately structured program that mirrors what life will look and feel like when you leave treatment (for good), it prepares you for the real world in real time. The private, well-appointed house accommodates a maximum of six clients. The program nurtures a balance of freedom and responsibility, gives you plenty of room to breathe and helps you adjust at a pace that is comfortable, yet makes parting bittersweet. It encourages reintegration into society without unnecessary distractions or the drama that comes with crowded sober living homes. The environment fosters self-respect as well as respect for others who share the space. In addition, it offers the full complement of amenities, services and outpatient options during residency – including therapy, but it’s not a requirement. Sober Living is about learning to live the best of the rest of your life in an environment that feels like a place that truly feels like a home.

We Offer a Different Approach

  • Personalized 1-on-1 support.
  • Customized, tailor-made programs
  • Limited enrollment for better results
  • Health-focused culture

The 1 Method Center Difference

Decades of experience have shown us (and proven time and time again) that there is no ‘one size fits all’ model for treatment. “Individual problems need to be treated in individual ways,” is more than our philosophy. It is so much more than our mantra – it is the promise we make and plan of action we take for every single client who finds his or her way to us. It is our way of treating you to create the most successful, life-changing results.

Each person who enters 1 Method arrives with a unique set of experiences and needs. We know that treatment is not a race to the finish line and sobriety requires vigilance. We customize treatment with tailor-made plans to help you understand how best to embrace the gift and the responsibility that sobriety means. Instead of herding you to group therapy, we pay attention and put the focus squarely on your individual needs by employing highly effective treatment protocols that are designed to work for and with you. Sober Living equips you with tools that will work for you, for life.