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Rejuvenate your mind and body in an award-winning environment offering luxurious appointment in an affordable, five-star setting.



We customize therapies to meet your specific clinical needs. Gain the benefits of a treatment process designed with only you in mind.



We offer a sophisticated, 1 on 1 integrated clinical model coupled with a specialized, science-based health and fitness program.



Individualized care demonstrates the best treatment outcomes and is the only model endorsed by both NIDA and ASAM.


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1 Method Center

wən/ˈmeTHəd /ˈsen(t)ər/ noun

  1. 18 years of excellence.
  2. the leading therapeutic experience in Southern California for:
    • substance abuse
    • dual diagnosis
    • mental health
  3. a private setting employing targeted 1 on 1 care coupled with cutting-edge holistic therapies and the most advanced medical treatments.
  4. the only treatment approach in the nation that integrates an evidence-based clinical model with a science-based health and fitness program.

“1 Method helped resolve my issues.”
synonyms: effective, individualized, private


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Flexible Detox & Treatment Options

Detox & Stabilization

  • tailored care
  • flexible time commitment
  • detox from any substance
  • mental health stabilization
  • 1 on 1 focus + in-depth evaluations


  • best results
  • 4 inpatient options
  • customized treatment plan
  • 1 on 1 focus + holistic therapies
  • short, medium, or long-term care


  • convenient
  • tailored plan of care
  • 3 specialized options
  • day and evening programs
  • 1 on 1 focus + holistic therapies

1 Method Center

Treatment for addiction, dual diagnosis & mental health.

We’ve long been ranked among the best programs in the nation. Yet, we are distinguished. The reason is simple; we design treatment for you.

We firmly believe recovery from substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and mental illness can be yours – starting today. But we also know that getting the right treatment matters. That’s why our philosophy is: Individual problems need to be treated in individual ways.

Personalization anchors our entire program. And the 1 Method experience is defined by an unparalleled level of individuation. Your treatment will include a blend of integrative clinical and medical services, 1 on 1 therapy, and cutting-edge physiological protocols. And together, with your input, we’ll construct a customized plan focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit. In this way, you can find your own unique path towards a complete recovery.

From our luxurious, peaceful setting in Southern California, to our innovative treatment approach, to our experienced, compassionate staff and unique Health and Fitness Program, we’re confident you can create your own success story and join the others who’ve had life-changing experiences at 1 Method Center.

Learn more about our programs by reading through our site. Call us with any questions or send us a message. We’re here for you anytime.