A safe place to stabilize and recover.

Life can be overwhelming and even the best of us can reach an impasse and get stuck. Everyone has a story that needs to be told. We are here to help you tell yours.

In a world of labels that so often define us, sometimes, we are just looking for answers and a proper diagnosis that comes with a name. Regardless if it is PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress or a host of other psychological issues, the struggle is real because it’s yours. It can be confusing, daunting and even frightening. Identifying what it’s not is equally as important as identifying what in fact it is and determining how best to treat it. Matters of an emotional and psychological nature present themselves differently in people. There is no special wand or single treatment that can be magically waved or applied all across the board. This is why it is crucial to seek out an experienced treatment center that focuses on the individual and treats individual problems in individual ways. At 1 Method Center, it’s not only our philosophy, it’s what we do, with every single client, every single day.

Whether your issues are new or recurring, searching for a program that respects your story, boundaries, and challenges is as imperative as finding one that understands how to approach them in a unique way. The care you experience must yield results and give you an improved outlook on life to ensure positive results and lasting change. Fortunately, these are areas where 1 Method shines. We don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes. Instead, we employ focused 1-on-1 therapy that identifies, targets and then treats your core issues. This is an important distinction between 1 Method and other programs. It makes all the difference in the world when treating emotional and psychological issues. At 1 Method, we treat yours.

Understanding More

Psychological issues are a subset of mental health problems that are often commonly misdiagnosed as psychiatric disorders. This occurs because psychological issues tend to cause emotional and mental dysfunction, as does mental illness. Left untreated, this class of issues can reduce the ability to cope with everyday life, which sometimes leads to hospitalization. Many situations can trigger an emotional breakdown, such as divorce, relationship problems, academic pressure, legal or financial difficulties, death, and trauma. Just as anything can happen to anyone at any time, psychological issues can be triggered by a variety of circumstances or events. They don’t knock or ask to come in; sometimes they sneak up on you unexpectedly or hover over you for a while before you realize they have taken up residence. 1 Method is a unique program that is always there for you when you need us. We are well versed in treating complex emotional and psychological issues and concerns and have a completion rate that makes us proud of our work. We hope you find your way here.

The 1MC Difference

There are several reasons 1 Method Center is ranked among the best programs in the country for emotional and psychological healing. Our tranquil setting renews and re-energizes you as you take the time to focus on your health and wellbeing. Along with our evidence-based treatments like psychiatry, mental health screening and medication management, our cutting-edge holistic therapies, healthy food and nationally recognized health and fitness program have earned the respect and garnered admiration from our clients as well as our peers. We tailor our programs to the needs of the individual, offer integrated treatment, and work with each person 1-on-1. We recognize that your success is a reflection of ours. Explore the top 5 reasons people choose 1MC.

Unique Features of 1 Method Center

Discover a few ways 1 Method is distinct from traditional rehab centers:

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