Anyone can say individualized.

You may have noticed how facilities often use “community” to describe their treatment. It’s a code word for large. The bigger the program, the more people you will find in that community, and the less individualized it will be.

At 1 Method Center, our residential programs serve only 6 people at a time. We have one of the highest staff to client ratios in Los Angeles. We’re located in the quiet neighborhoods of Cheviot and Beverly Hills. Our treatment setting isn’t intimate merely from the standpoint of capacity and location. Every aspect of our clinical approach is calming and designed to promote a healthy lifestyle that fosters renewal and encourages a positive treatment experience. These elements work together symbiotically to improve your mindset and motivation for you to stay in the process.

We recognize the monumental decision you are making when you enter treatment. We don’t intend to further overwhelm you with large groups and tight living spaces. With your best interests at the heart of everything we do, we limit our census so we can focus our full attention on you.

Consider what happens when a program has 25 or more residents. Individual attention is sure to be compromised and can be scarce or staggered at best. Sound chaotic and impersonal? It’s important to ask a rehab questions. What’s your capacity? How do you individualize treatment? In the middle of a sea of numerous group-based programs designed for anything but personalized care, we are a small oasis. We see the big picture. At 1 Method Center, our intimate size demonstrates our ability to work with you on a one-on-one basis, individually, every step of the way. Find your way to us.

Our facility provides comfortable living space for 6 individuals to come together with ample room to reflect and breathe. That’s more than enough people to create a sense of community but not so crowded that you’ll be an invisible number or fall into the cracks. It will quickly become apparent that you and your fellow residents share one common goal – the hope of feeling better. And once you have made it through our doors, you have already won half that battle. You will find a place where the unique characteristics that make you an individual are recognized and celebrated.

Our goal is to get to know you and help you get to better know yourself. We want to assist you in finding your strengths and determining what methods of coping and communication work best for you. We want to help you discover what will allow you to thrive inside and outside of 1 Method’s programs. You will have the opportunity to create in-depth, meaningful relationships with peers and staff. The feeling of walking alone will melt away from you. In fact, you will receive personalized treatment that is designed individually, just for you. Our size is what makes all this possible. It’s what allows us to adhere to our philosophy.

Like a cooperative learning setting, you will have the opportunity to learn from those around you. The connections you make here will keep you engaged on a path of learning and processing, allowing you to recover mentally, physically and spiritually. You will gain more and more clarity as you participate in small groups, outings, and conversations. Physically, you will leave us stronger, encouraged by your new friends to push on through tough moments at the gym. Together, you will go surfing, hike, and enjoy outside activities or destinations like theme parks. Through a variety of offsite meetings, you will connect with the broader community- as little or as much as you like or are comfortable getting to know.

Our program size allows you to focus on strengthening the core components of recovery, at your own pace, in the manner that is best for you. Our size ensures your voice is heard; your needs are met. At 1 Method Center, you can begin to heal and achieve a prosperous, fulfilling life. Most importantly, you can be yourself.

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Many aspects of the 1 Method program are unique. Each is critical to providing effective treatment for addiction, dual diagnosis, and mental health concerns. A few that call for deeper understanding and exploration are:

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