A detox plan tailored to your needs.

Attempting to detox alone is dangerous. If you or a loved one needs help – don’t wait. Call 1 (800) 270-1389 or send us a message now.

1 Method Center is state-licensed and JCAHO accredited for detoxification and Incidental Medical Services (IMS). We design 1-on-1 customized treatment plans for every phase of care, including detox. Our doctors are board-certified in Addiction Medicine – signifying excellence in the practice and treatment of substance misuse. Collectively, they have decades of experience managing alcohol, drug, and prescription medication addiction and withdrawal. Their knowledge and skills provide prevention, screening, intervention, and treatment related to substance use disorders and addiction ranging from alcohol and over-the-counter drugs to illicit drugs and prescription medications.

In addition to our innovative, cutting-edge medical therapies which are tailored to your addiction, 1 Method Center provides a serene environment that is calm, private, and personal, in a homelike setting that is entirely different than that of a busy hospital or bustling rehab center. If co-occurring issues are present (e.g. anxiety, trauma, or sleep disturbances), our doctors and staff of highly trained therapists can treat them as well in concert with your detoxification. A one-by-one, 1-on-1 treatment approach begins with a customized program that is tailor-made for you and your specific needs. The proven track record of our individualized care distinguishes our success; our peaceful setting is a hallmark that is essential to your recovery and distinguishes yours.

You can beat your addiction for good.

Program Overview

When alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications are used (or misused) for a period of time, dangerous toxins can build up in your system. Detoxification works to gently eliminate these harmful toxins and free you from physical dependencies. Methods we employ include Tapering, Replacement, Combination, and MAT (when or if clinically indicated). The program moves at your own pace; we don’t want you to suffer. During your stay, we offer a range of clinical services including: 1-on-1 therapy, counseling, psychiatric evaluation, and in-depth assessments. However, detox can be done independently without the need to sign up for additional residential or outpatient treatment. In case of an emergency, we’re just minutes from UCLA and Cedars-Sinai. And we’re always here for you – anytime, day or night.

Remember: attempting to detox alone is dangerous. If you or a loved one needs help – don’t wait. Call 1 (800) 270-1389 or send us a message.

Strategies for Medical Detoxification

Addiction varies greatly from person to person and we understand that on a personal level. Therefore, we take an individual approach to every detox by creating a 1-on-1 program that best suits your needs. Here are some of the medical strategies we’ve found to be effective:

Tapering – Refers to implementing a gradual dosage reduction over a period of time. One taper style may work more effectively or be better suited than another for your personal situation. But each allows the system to slowly adjust to the absence of the medication/drug of use or misuse. There are three methods of tapering: Direct, Substitution, and Titration. The goal of each is two-fold:

  1. decrease or eliminate withdrawal symptoms.
  2. diminish and reduce drug cravings as much as possible.
  • Direct Tapering: The most straightforward type of taper. It involves slowly reducing the amount of the drug taken over a period of time. Often, this is done on a weekly basis, with the substance reduced by a certain amount every seven days until complete discontinuation.
  • Substitution Tapering: The drug of use/misuse is replaced with a similar but more easily tapered drug to better manage symptoms, as explained by The Ashton Manual. This can make it easier to avoid any adverse or severe reactions to withdrawal.
  • Titration Tapering: Involves carefully dissolving measured amounts of a medication in water to cut the dosage for low-dose drugs. It should be noted that not all medications are water-soluble; hence, the practice is not always applicable.

Replacement – A provisional method used to counter intense drug cravings, in particular if relapse or treatment discontinuance seems likely. Replacement incorporates the administration of a prescribed medication that has less euphoric but longer-acting properties than the dangerous drug of abuse.

Combination –  This is a strategy that concurrently combines the application of two or more detox protocols. This approach is highly effective for complex withdrawal scenarios.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the services we offer to ensure you have a safe, comfortable detox experience. Call 1 (800) 270-1389 or send us a message to find an option that’s right for you.

The 1MC Difference

Detox can be easily integrated with our other program options.

The purpose of our medical detoxification program is to provide you with a safe and comfortable withdrawal from alcohol, drugs, and/or prescription medications. But this is the beginning, not the end. Detox should almost always be followed by residential treatment.

We have found that both programs and the levels of care they offer independently are critical to achieving freedom from addiction. The detox process addresses the physical symptoms of chemical dependency, while residential treatment addresses the emotional and behavioral roots of the addiction, so you can discover healthy coping skills for preventing relapse and achieving a life that is free of addiction. We create 1-on-1, tailor-made programs that not only address, but also fit your needs. At 1 Method Center, treatment is holistic and focuses on healing the body, mind, and spirit through evidence-based therapies and specialized health and fitness protocols.

Remember: attempting to detox alone is dangerous. If you or a loved one needs help – don’t wait. Call 1 (800) 270-1389 or send us a message today. Learn how we protect your privacy.