Healing the mind, body, and soul.

We know the journey to treatment is exhausting. We designed our program to meet your every need so you can focus your attention and energy on what matters most: healing and recovery.

The Setting

Situated in the quiet, upscale neighborhood of Cheviot Hills, 1 Method Center is an oasis that outshines and surpasses every other treatment program in Los Angeles. Once home to a French diplomat, the property features stunning architecture and distinctive grounds with mature trees and abundant natural light. The elegant private residence is graced with handcrafted tiles, imported stone, and hardwood floors. Handsome furnishings and modern amenities create an at-home, tranquil atmosphere. We offer both shared and private suites, each with their own exclusive, well-appointed décor, Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, featuring DIRECTV and Netflix. Outdoor patios and balconies overlook the garden, pool, fountains and spa terrace. Under azure skies, quiet shaded sitting areas await in the most private and therapeutic of settings. Quite simply, this is a wonderful place to begin your recovery.

Our Approach

1 Method Center offers a specialized, three-fold approach to treatment that starts with designing a customized plan of tailor-made care to meet your needs. This includes, but isn’t limited to: 1-on-1 therapy, evidence-based treatments (e.g., psychiatry, mental health evaluations, medical screening, medication mgmt., etc.) and holistic measures. This plan is routinely reviewed, calibrated and fine-tuned to ensure we are attending to all your needs – mind, body, and spirit. Second, we follow the Stages of Change model to deliver treatment at the right time. This means we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ path. Third, we’re the only program in the nation that employs a health and fitness program with specially designed protocols for addiction, dual diagnosis, and mental health issues. Together, these approaches are life-changing and effective tools for helping unlock your full potential as a human being.

A Focus on Wellness

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates

The Health and Fitness Program

Just going to ‘rehab’ is one thing. Coming to us you will discover a lifestyle strategy that is focused on your immediate health and continued wellness. A central theme to the 1 Method experience is our health and fitness program where exercise intentions merge with action to yield unrivaled results. Regardless of whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a little out of shape or have never set foot in a gym, we tailor a plan to your abilities. Designed by sports physicians and neuropsychologists, our health program utilizes cutting-edge neuroscience, advanced research in Applied Breathing, and empirically-based measures from the field of Integrative Biology and Physiology (IBP). In addition to working with a trainer, massage and chiropractic services are complemented by nutritious, bountiful meals and a supportive environment dedicated to your success.

This vibrant atmosphere is further enhanced by holistic therapies that include bodywork, meditation, breathwork, yoga, acupuncture, and other Eastern techniques. 1 Method’s harmonious integration of health and wellness science, ancient wisdom, evidence-based medical care and therapy is unparalleled in addiction, dual diagnosis, and mental health treatment. The results are transformational – inside and out.

Life at 1 Method

There are many reasons 1 Method is considered the leading therapeutic experience in Southern California. It’s not just a program – it’s a new lease on life. You will feel the difference the moment you meet our team. Every day is a building block of awareness that guides you on a journey to regain clarity and reclaim strength. This becomes your foundation. We’ve designed the program to help you heal from within and provide everything you need to recover for good. Yet, this is not a hospital. Our healing environment feels like a boutique hotel with an intimate atmosphere of comfort and dignity, which in turn allows you to focus on your treatment with heightened awareness, increased focus, and positive energy.

The setting mirrors our clinical attitude. We practice gratitude. We don’t believe in a punitive rehabilitation process that “Breaks you down to build you back up.” Instead, we patiently work with you 1-on-1 to help you discover, understand and overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from realizing your true potential. While many treatment programs are staffed with people who have experience with their own recovery, we have staff members who have personal experience with their own recovery at 1 Method Center. Having walked in your shoes, they excel at leading you on your path to recovery and walking with you side by side to help you achieve yours against a backdrop that fosters personal success. This commitment is reflected in everything we do.

A Standard Day

Fortunately, every day at 1 Method Center is unique. We don’t simply fill your time with us herding you in and out of group therapy. The process usually starts prior to admission, when we begin to develop your customized treatment plan, based on your clinical needs and preferences. In this way, once you arrive, we’re already prepared to implement an individualized process that includes targeted medical treatment, 1-on-1 therapies, holistic care, and a tailored health program. As you progress in treatment, we continually adapt your personal care plan to meet your ongoing and changing needs. This ensures that you don’t stagnate and that we efficiently guide you towards a full and complete recovery.

Rest assured, even though the clinical process is robust, you’ll still have plenty of time to appreciate your stay with us. You’ll be able to enjoy the sun, swim in the pool, or just read a book under a shade tree. Needless to say, if you prefer to retire to your suite and watch a movie, use your computer, or simply meditate and relax – you’ll have the time for all of that too.

Life After 1 Method

1 Method Center provides 12 months of free post-treatment support to clients and family members. In a landscape rife with false claims and absurd “success rates,” our approach to your care is a refreshing change of pace. It demonstrates that we are just as committed to your recovery as you are. And it ensures we’ll be with you every step of the way – even after you complete the program.

Prior to Leaving

During the last stage of your treatment you’ll work with your team to identify “triggers” that could cause you to fall backwards or relapse when you leave. We’ll also help prepare you for any unexpected situations that could negatively impact your progress. In this way, you are thoroughly coached on how to continue the recovery and healing process on the road ahead. Coupled with the therapeutic care that unfolds before your departure, we also develop a detailed Aftercare Plan that guides you going forward. This outlines every aspect of your day-to-day schedule, as well as your ongoing needs and goals once you leave. With this carefully constructed clinical plan and the free support available to you here – there is really nothing that can hold you back from achieving a full and total recovery. Claim your recovery starting today.

Going Home

Most people leave 1 Method Center to discover that life gets “really good.” They talk about there being a lot of “firsts,” in that they haven’t done certain things with a clear head for a long time. In general, people report that they are happy, their recovery is solid, and that life feels fresh and new. Regardless of what your experience is you can be assured that we’ll be here to help you every step of the way. You can always drop by, call us, or set up a session to take advantage of the free 12 months of post-treatment support that’s available to you. Even if you just need a moment to collect yourself or hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line – we’re always just a phone call away.

Unlike most treatment centers, the closer you get to our program the more attractive it appears. And once you arrive, you’ll be glad you found us. Find yourself here.