We have distinguished ourselves from other treatment centers by creating an environment that is designed not for a group – but rather – for you. This is especially true for Night Treatment, if you require privacy.

Night Treatment is yet another stellar example of how 1 Method goes above and beyond other treatment programs to treat individual cases in individual ways. Clearly, not everyone requires residential treatment and sometimes Day Treatment is not the proper fit either for a variety of reasons. Night Treatment works particularly well for clients who have busy days and require total anonymity to monitor, maintain or achieve their recovery. Advanced clinical and medical services are offered without group therapy and our specialized Health and Fitness program is available as well to help you feel your best as part of your ongoing treatment. We work around your schedule so you can keep yours.

We Offer a Different Approach to Treatment

The 1 Method Center Difference

From the moment you come to 1 Method, you can’t help but feel the difference. It starts with how we treat you – as an individual, on a 1-on-1 basis. We see you for the unique individual you are and work with you and your issues in unique ways to help you achieve clarity and balance; to restore vitality, health, and well-being and most importantly, to guide you to a recovery that is respectful and results-oriented while maintaining your dignity. We don’t revert to group therapy as the model of treatment.

Our philosophy is, “Individual problems need to be treated in individual ways”. As such, we know that there is no ‘one size fits all” model for treatment and that each person enters 1 Method with a unique set of experiences and needs. We customize treatment with tailor-made plans that work for you and not the other way around. Night Treatment is one of many programs available that are designed to help you see the road ahead with fewer obstacles.


Customized therapies that target your specific clinical needs. Experience treatment designed with only you in mind.



Integrative care demonstrates the best treatment outcomes and is the only model endorsed by both NIDA and ASAM.



Our sophisticated, 1-on-1 integrated clinical model is reinforced by a specialized, science-based health and fitness program.



Located in the heart of West LA on Westwood Blvd., near the 10 and 405 FWY, Outpatient is just blocks from UCLA.