Non-Residential Treatment Options

We recognize that not every situation requires enrollment in residential treatment. Unfortunately, most traditional outpatient programs rely on an antiquated group-therapy approach. For those that prefer or would benefit from the more comprehensive and individualized approaches at 1 Method Center, we offer two unique non-residential treatment options.

Option 1

Day Patient


Used as both a transitional level of care, or an alternative to residential rehab, our Day Patient program is a great way to experience our unparalleled individualized treatment approach for addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment.

Option 2

Night Patient


For those that have daytime obligations, our Night Patient program is an unrivaled one on one clinical resource that seamlessly integrates our sophisticated addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment approach around your busy schedule.

Call to Learn More about Our Treatment Options

If you would like to learn more about how our non-residential treatment options can help you then call us today. Both Day and Night Patient are “stand alone” programs, meaning you can enroll in either without completing any of our residential levels of care. Both programs also serve as a great resource for people that are transitioning out of our Primary, Continuing, or Extended Care settings.

Did You Know?

  • We treat the whole person, not just the addiction.

    We’re the only treatment center in the nation that employs a Health & Fitness program that is based on neuroscience. This specialized program can actually heal your brain, improve mental balance, reduce drug cravings, restore the body, and increase the efficacy of clinical treatment.

  • We address and treat the root causes of the problem.

    Many programs claim to do this – but they don’t. Instead, they herd you into a large group-based process that does very little to address your issues. Conversely, we dedicate time and attention to the root causes of your addiction with a customized plan of one on one care.

  • We’re a true dual diagnosis treatment program.

    Again, many programs claim to be this – but again, they’re not. Dual diagnosis is a complex combination of addictive pathology and mental illness. Effective treatment for dual diagnosis requires a calm, comprehensive, client-centered approach that’s focused on individual therapy and cutting edge medical protocols –  all of which are components that are virtually nonexistent in large, impersonal, group-based treatment centers.

  • We focus on individual treatment, not just group therapy.

    Most programs still focus the majority of their treatment on group therapy. This really doesn’t give you the space, time, or resources to address your issues. Our process is more sophisticated and individualized, ensuring you’ll get the support you need to address the root causes of your addiction.